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Letter: A blatant land grab by a multi-million dollar company

November 23, 2022

Dear Editor,
    Make no mistake, Cabot’s plans for West Mabou Beach Provincial Park (WMBPP) are not designed to benefit anyone other than Cabot’s bottom line and those paid to promote this appalling take, all the while trying to tell us it’s for our own good.
    Please don’t call their plan development, call it what it really is, a blatant land grab by a multi-million dollar company. It’s a violation of a legally-protected park that is dear to so many. If Cabot cared one iota about people and our community they would be looking to buy private property for their venture like any other responsible citizen.
    Again, WMBPP is legally protected and its value as a public space is well documented. This beautiful natural area has been gifted to us, our ancestors held it in trust for all of us, and we are determined to protect it for those who come after us. This is our motivation and it involves no financial gain on our part.
    Nadine Hunt























































































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