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Letter: Coal-fired contradiction

September 21, 2022

Dear Editor,
    A few weeks ago, I listened to Peter Gregg, president of Nova Scotia Power attempt to rationalize an 11.6 per cent hike in power rates. His main argument was the federal/provincial mandate to transform the grid by 2030; to decarbonize the grid, or in plain language, to “get off coal” in just eight years.
    A week later, I listened to the Nova Scotia Government announcing the immediate reopening of the Donkin coal mine here in Cape Breton.
    What logic presides when Nova Scotians are asked to pay higher power rates (11.6 per cent higher) because we need to get off fossil fuels, particularly coal, and invest in green energy, while at the same time a mining company is permitted to reopen a coal mine.
    Nova Scotians are intelligent people, and we understand the urgency of moving towards a net zero carbon economy. We understand that coal combustion is the largest methane emitter, and that coal should not be extracted for fuel. We are aware of the toxic legacy of coal mining in Cape Breton and the ensuing costs of cleanups and health care to Nova Scotia tax payers. We know that green jobs are more long term and sustainable than the short-term jobs at the Donkin coal mine.
    The Tim Houston Government, like most governments preceding them is demonstrating its failure to think long term, is making really dumb decisions, and sabotaging its own efforts to move toward a sustainable, healthy, green economy.
Maria Coady
N.E. Margaree











































































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