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Letter: Promoting healing and wellness

July 21, 2021


Dear Editor,
    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead
    Humanity is finally awakening to critical social and environmental priorities.
    The appointment of Mary Simon as the new governor general of Canada is very inspiring, timely and meaningful. Having worked and lived in Canada’s north, Mary is intimately familiar with the residential schools and is prepared to address those issues through reconciliation and reconciliaction. Being bilingual in Inuktitut and English is recognized and highly valued by Canadians who want to see more representation by Indigenous people. Mary Simon will bring their collective voices to the table at a very critical time in Canadian history. Mary acknowledged this will be a lifelong endeavour and that she is “honoured, humbled, and ready” for the job. Noting the inspirational aspect of her appointment, Simon called it a step forward on the path towards reconciliation and a moment that she hopes all Canadians feel a part of as it reflects a “collective progress” towards a more just society. “My appointment comes at an especially reflective and dynamic time in our shared history. During my time as governor general, I will work every day towards promoting healing and wellness across Canadian society,” she said, vowing to do her part in ensuring the country fully recognizes, memorializes, and comes to terms with atrocities of the past.
    I was pleasantly surprised when I read about Mary Simon’s appointment for a host of reasons, some more personal than others. When I found out that her father was a Hudson’s Bay factory post manager, who came from Manitoba I could not help but don a smile. My dad, Lloyd Strome from Winnipeg, Manitoba was a Hudson’s Bay factory post manager in the James Bay area from 1941-1955 and his last posting was in Fort George (Chisasibi). Having spent the first five years of my life there, I have many fond memories of those formative years thanks to the Cree and the Inuit of that whole area.
    Kuyanamik (Inuktitut)/Meegwitch (Cree)/I give thanks.
    Paul Strome

















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