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Column: Again and again

April 7, 2021

-by Rankin MacDonald

    On Saturday evening, the rain came down slowly and there was no wind to speak of but all of a sudden the power went out.
    There are few feelings that can stir the blood more than the prospect of spending the day, or more, without power.
    A light rain and the power goes out! What the hell is the problem with Nova Scotia Power?
    The rain kept silently falling at East Lake Ainslie.
    There was good reason for the power to be off.
    Some said it was like driving into another dimension.
    One minute it’s a light, spring rainfall and then you enter this world covered with ice with the trees and power lines hauling the electricity out of the lives of people for a day or two.
    Yes, there was good reason for the power to be out, but oddly enough it hit the county differently at different locations.
    Lake Ainslie and other areas of the county were left virtually undamaged while other locations looked like war zones with trees blocking streets and power poles snapped and hanging in the air.
    Immediately people began to care for others in places where the ice shattered everything, while others prayed the power would come back soon for warmth and access to a phone to call someone if things got worse.
    The places hit by the ice storm looked like war zones and you knew it would take time to get the power restored and to clean up the mess.
    Another costly event from Mother Nature.
    And we never seem to be prepared when the worst is delivered more often each year in these days of climate change and the money has to be found to clean it all up.
    Climate change or just the natural flow of weather events, we in Inverness County never seem to be ready for what is coming our way.
    If the ditches and culverts were cleaned once in a while we wouldn’t lose our roads and if the trees were cut from power lines a lot more we wouldn’t have to be without power for two days or more after each weather event.
    Haven’t we learned that ditches, roads, trees, poles, and phones have to be a higher priority as we go about our preparations for bad weather events?
    People need help with the trees that stand on their property like century-old centurions waiting to crash into the power lines or the roof of your dwelling.
    Could some cost-sharing remedy be found and can’t we prepare the county better because we know the weather events are becoming more frequent?
    Hopefully we will get some help for the damage caused by weather events over the past winter, but the push has to be that we attempt to prevent the damage and not accept it.
    County council must lead in the fight to make this a less dangerous place to live.


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