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Letter: Cape Breton’s colonial shackles have never been removed

April 7, 2021

Dear Editor,
    The path to self-governance for Cape Breton Island will not be easy. One of the challenges we face is that whereas the law ought to protect individual liberties and also collectively our right to self-determination, how the law actually does this for each and every Canadian and for different groups of Canadians seems to be such a very differentiated process.
    Arguably, realistically, truthfully, sadly, but not fatally to our cause, Capers and our Island’s aspiration for self-governance and self-determination seem to rank very low within a form of hierarchy perpetuated by our centralized federal system and its constitution. Perhaps unintentionally.
    To me, it still seems Cape Breton’s colonial shackles have never been removed and we are still involuntarily wed to Nova Scotia. To combat this we need to continue growing our support, raise our collective consciousness, and begin the elimination of the inequalities our island and people endure!
    Mark Macneill
    Edwardsville, NS


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