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Letter: A department to be proud of

Dear Editor:

    On Saturday, November 30th, the day of the really high winds, the restaurant was open and we received a call of trouble.  George went up; the wind had lifted the deck upstairs off the restaurant. Very dangerous to the public; in a panic I did not know what to do nor did George, he was all alone, so the only one I though of calling was John O’Connor because I know him. I asked if there was anyway the fire department could help or did he know of any one. Sure enough, the men of the fire department showed up to help George and they stayed until everything was done and safe.

    We were worried about the public; if anything flew off the deck it could have seriously hurt someone on the street or a car driving by. They came to our aid years back and I thanked them for their quick response. No one was home and we could have lost our home. I have not lit the wood stove in my home since and that was years ago. I can not say enough about our fire department and the volunteers that work so hard to protect our community. They get no pay for risking their lives to protect our homes and lives at car accidents that they have to go to. We are so lucky to have them and I hope everyone appreciates what they do. They did not have to come out in this awful windy day and risk their lives with the wind to help George and I, but they did, and we do not know what we would have done without them. I want to thank all of them who helped us on this dangerous, awful day. I could go on and on because I am so grateful for what they did for us. This is the advantage and joy of living in a small town with so many helpful hands. George and Anne thank you very much for everything. Yes, I will be making a donation for our fire department that we should all be very proud of. My nephew is a fireman in Bedford, Mass. So proud of all of you.
Thank you,
Anne and George Stoupakis




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