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Letter: Allan J. MacEachen Regional airport website is an attempt to dupe Cape Bretoners

Dear Editor:

    Where is the Port Hawkesbury airport website, with revenue and traffic destination data?
    The Posts November 24th article presents an interesting spin by Dr. Boudreau and the Port Hawkesbury airport board, as a 4000 per cent increase over five years in traffic corelates with the meteor-like rise in Cabot Links and Cliffs. So that infers almost all new traffic rendering Port Hawkesbury airport profitable for the first time in its history is due to Inverness. So, Port Hawkesbury wants all these passengers to commute from Port Hawkesbury to Inverness, whereas if the airport was in Inverness there would be very few having to commute to Port Hawkesbury. So, it seems to me the logical, ecological, environmental, and economically efficient model is to have the service in Inverness and Port Hawkesbury knows this, is petrified, and is demonstrably scrambling against the imminent arrival of air service to Inverness. I believe Port Hawkesbury’s mayor and its airport board, for their own self-interests, are attempting to dupe Cape Bretoners.
    Furthermore, please also note Port Hawkesbury Mayor Brenda Chisholm-Beaton is a co-owner/operator of the Fleur-de-Lis Tea Room and Dining Room in Port Hawkesbury (
    Thus, consideration needs to be given to the indirect pecuniary interest section of the Nova Scotia Municipal Conflict of Interest Act Chapter 299 of The Revised Statutes, 1989 as amended by 1991, c. 6, s. 40; 1993, c. 47, s. 6; 1995-96, c. 1, ss. 148, 149; 2018, c. 1, Sch. A, s. 124 (
    Indirect pecuniary interest three A member has an indirect pecuniary interest in any matter (a) if the member or the members nominee (i) is a shareholder in, or a director or senior officer of, a corporation that does not offer its shares to the public, (ii) has a substantial interest in, or is a director or senior officer of, a corporation that offers its shares to the public, or (iii) is a member of a body, whether incorporated or not, that has an interest in any matter in which the council or local board is concerned; or (b) if the member is a partner of or associated in a joint venture with a person, or is in the employ of a person or body, whether incorporated or not, that has an interest in any matter in which the council or local board is concerned. R.S., c. 299, s. 3. R.S., c. 299 municipal conflict of interest 3 APRIL 1, 2018. Deemed pecuniary interest 4 The pecuniary interest of (a) the spouse of a member; (b) any son, daughter, father, mother, brother or sister of a member or the members spouse; (c) the spouse of the persons referred to in clause (b); and (d) any other person who normally resides in the same home as the member, shall, if known to the member or of which the member reasonably should have known, be deemed to be also a pecuniary interest of the member. R.S., c. 299, s. 4.
Mark Macneill

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