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Remember what you have before it’s gone

Dear Editor,

    With the provincial government's rush to enact the recommendations of the Glaze Report, I wanted to offer a personal story for the consideration of your readers.  If we are to lose our school board trustees we should bear in mind what we are losing. 
    From 2014 to 2017, I was chair of the Library Sub-Committee of the Mabou and District Community Development Association.  Our committee was formed to establish a public library in Mabou.  In October of 2014 I wrote to the principal of Dalbrae Academy proposing establishing a public library/school library at the school based on the SAERC model.  When I eventually spoke to him he told me in no uncertain terms that this would not happen at Dalbrae. 
    Thankfully I did not accept his answer.  I called Anne Peters, the trustee for North Inverness and a friend, and told her of my experience.  She was disappointed and took my letter to Ford Rice and Terry Doyle at the board offices.  Both were very open to our suggestion and in 2016 the Alexander Doyle Public Library opened at Dalbrae Academy.  It is now the busiest library in the Eastern Counties Regional Library system. 
    Without Anne Peters' intervention it's likely there would be no public library at Dalbrae.  This was a perfect example of how trustees connect the community with the school board to make positive initiatives happen.  While this may be possible in future I worry that the experience may mirror my initial denial by the principal.  Or worse, they'll tell us to call Halifax.  How high on the list do you think Inverness County will be?

Thom Oommen,
East Skye Glen Road
Nevada Valley, NS


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