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Letter: A personal attack

Dear Editor:

    As one of the millions of Canadians very concerned about climate change, I thought I should offer a rebuttal to Neil MacEwan’s latest screed against Greta Thunberg.  
    Instead of dealing with the facts, MacEwan pathetically relies on personal attacks against her. It’s a bit rich that he questions the 16-year-old Thunberg’s lack of ‘credentials.’ Thunberg herself has one clear message: unite behind the science. She has never claimed to be an expert, but wants all of us and particularly our leaders to heed the growing warnings of the scientific community. MacEwan further disparages Thunberg by attacking her ‘emotional problems’ including autism and OCD. I guess according to MacEwan if you have autism you aren’t worth listening to.  

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Column: Inverness Eats: Julia Ryan - chocolatier

-by Anne Farries

When Julia Ryan closes the door to her tiny chocolate factory, she enters her own sweet world.
    After taking a year off to have a baby, the Inverness chocolatier is again hand-making and boxing her signature candies for sale, which means the young mother of two gets to be alone with her work for a few hours at a stretch.
    “I am excited,” Ryan said Sunday when I visited her in her commercial kitchen at the back of her family home.
    “I love being in here,” she said. “it’s my own little space and I have music going. It’s just nice.”
    Ryan’s reputation as a candy-maker has spread around the island. Last month, Cape Breton University served her chocolates at its second annual president’s dinner, a showcase for top-achieving students and business leaders.

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