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Column: Cold weather can play havoc with your skin

-by Bonny H.J. MacIsaac

    The recent cold weather has played havoc with my skin. And, by all accounts, I am not alone. Is your skin feeling dry and tight? Itchy or flaky? Any number of things can strip your skin of its protective oils this time of year. The result is everything from chapped lips and itchy skin to cracked heels. Relief is in our grasp I am told by the experts. What can we do with the cold-weather threats to our skin?
    No one is immune from dry lips in winter. The experts say to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and use a humidifier at home. Other things that will help is to liberally apply beeswax or petroleum jelly to your lips. Put on lip balm or lipstick with sun screen every time you go outside. Avoid being out in the sun and wind too much. Try not to lick your lips as it will make them drier in the long run.
    Most of us are on our feet a lot throughout the day. A common complaint in the winter from many, are painful cracked heels. They are often caused by dry skin. Having calluses around the rim of the heel can complicate the problem. In some cases, dry cracked feet can lead to infection or make walking painful.
    There are many products on the market and you don’t have to break the bank looking for relief. Keep feet healthy by marinating cracked heels in petroleum jelly, covering them with plastic wrap, and putting on a pair of socks overnight. You should see improvement in a few days.

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Letter: Shining the light on Liberal government decisions

Dear Editor:

      The Progressive Conservative Caucus is serious about shining the light on government decisions, holding them to account and allowing them the opportunity to discuss their decisions.
    That’s how democracy works and we are committed to fighting for it.
    Lately, the Liberal government has been hiding more and more information from taxpayers and we find ourselves on a very slippery slope.
    Bad decisions are made when government feels it can hide information, make deals under cover of darkness, and avoid having to defend their choices.
    It is only when the Liberals understand that their decisions will be laid bare for all to judge that we will see better government.
    That’s why, last week, the Progressive Conservative Caucus took an extraordinary step and filed an appeal with the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia to demand answers of the Liberals.
    We are sending a clear message to the Liberal Cabinet: We will find out what you are hiding, even if it means taking you to court.

Tim Houston
Leader, Progressive Conservative Party of Nova Scotia


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