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Column: Stay the course

- by Rankin MacDonald

    We’ve got to start kicking ass with a lot more enthusiasm.
    When you see the fools dancing and drinking in packs you wonder where are the cops, who should be throwing them in jail with charges to equate to attempted murder.
    Oh, they’re young and think they are invincible like all young people, but that is as lame as a three-legged dog.
    Does being young also mean you’re stupid?

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Letter: Student distribution rationale

Dear Editor,
    The Department of Education is responding to COVID-19 in relation to education – school will be full time, part time or not at all – and the Department of Education is asking students and parents to be willing, ready, and able to respond to any one of those outcomes.
    Our community’s school does not educate from grade P-12.  In relation to our student population and distances from other schools and COVID-19, do students and parents in Pleasant Bay want to discuss what the Department of Education’s potential responses to COVID-19 mean for our community’s students?

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