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Letter: A “Just Recovery”

Dear Editor,
    We continue to hear and read complaints about our government and fellow Canadians about what I would call minor issues, but we don’t hear enough about what we want to see in a post COVID-19 world. So many people are still short-sighted and paranoid about other citizens’ physical distancing behaviour, wearing a mask (or not) in public, but we have much more important issues to address. We seem to be so concerned about ourselves rather than the greater population when it is the greater population that allows us to live such an amazingly fortunate life. It is the greater population who pay their taxes that provide all the wonderful facilities and services we have.

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Column: The towering presence inside Trump’s head

- Frank Macdonald

    A recent headline in the New York Times read: Obama Lives in Trump’s Head.
    I don’t know what’s so newsworthy about this headline.
    Everyone expects a former president of the United States to live in a spacious place. The emptier the better, since the former president would need lots of room to pile his stuff. Perhaps something like those popular, empty warehouses in New York that offered thousands of square feet to new tenants. They appealed to artists because of their capacity to house both a living space and a studio.
    That’s not to say that Donald Trump’s head is a waterfront warehouse. There’s been no evidence his head has ever been that useful. But empty places and rental spaces may not be all that’s available in Washington, D.C.

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