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Letter: IDA extends thanks to all who are working hard to keep us healthy

 Dear Editor,
    At this time, the Inverness Development Association would like to recognize and thank the people in Inverness who are working so hard to keep us healthy.
    It is a stressful time for all of us, but especially for the staff and workers at our hospital, the manor, the co-op employees , Kent employees,  the delivery truck drivers, garage staff, the corner store staff, The Oran, and the postal workers, and the many volunteers who are looking out for their neighbours.
    Robin Donuts, thank you for keeping the drive through open; Cabot for their generous donations; the NSLC for staying open.  
    The IDA is working with engineers to continue the process of repairing the armour wall to slow down erosion, accessibility ramp repairs, and the stairway at the beach. The beach is very important to our physical and emotional well-being.
    Hopefully the visitor information centre will be up and running the same as last year.
    The Inverness Garden Club is planning on doing what they usually do, putting up 100 containers of flowers along Central Avenue.
    We would like everyone to remain positive and listen to Premier McNeil and Dr. Strang and follow their advice.
    We encourage everyone to call friends and family to stay in touch. But, please stay home, as we all have to do our part.
Rose Mary MacDonald
on behalf of the
Inverness Development Association Executive







Letter: There are many great days ahead

Dear Editor,
    In these unsettling times, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. We are all concerned for the well-being of our loved ones, while being inundated with important, yet troubling, public health updates and news of a weakened economy. To say that uncertainty abounds would be an understatement. While this is a time where it feels harder than ever to be optimistic, optimism is exactly what we need most. With that in mind, we wanted to take a moment to express our on-going appreciation for the incredible community – both Inverness and Cape Breton – that we call home.

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Column: Plenty to do

-by John Gillis

    In this era of constant COVID-19 news one should heed the updates daily, but seek to find something positive to do to combat the isolation depressing news we hear daily worldwide.
    Many people are reaching out to friends and family, even strangers by phone, internet, or Facetime or Skype.
    Musicians are putting on concerts to entertain people and to earn a little extra money in these uncertain times when so many gigs have dried up for them with no end in sight.
    One of the most ridiculous things I heard last week was that Donald Trump was considering posting troops near the Canadian border.
    You would think with all that is going on in the world that The President would have bigger priorities.

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