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Where is regulation for RV/campgrounds?

Dear Editor,
    We are writing as the shocked next door neighbours of the announced high-density RV park and campground planned for the quiet and quaint oceanside neighbourhood of Point Cross. Suffice to say that my wife Renee and I, our children, and grandchildren are devastated at the thought of this pristine piece of the Cabot Trail being bulldozed over and turned into a parking lot for RVs and campsites. Despite multiple attempts to connect with the developers with our concerns, they have chosen to remain silent. We can’t say if it is disdain for the concerns of their neighbours, or some other reason, but if this is a preview of how these gentlemen plan on integrating into the town, it sure is bothersome. So, I thought I’d share some information and thoughts which we have accumulated over the past few weeks.

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Column: Debt collection agencies – What are your rights?

- by Bonny H.J. MacIsaac

Recently, a reader contacted me to ask what their rights were regarding ‘bill collectors' or debt collection agencies being the proper term.
    Experiencing anxiety is not unusual when under financial pressure, but it certainly can be distressing when the calls from debt collectors start. These can come from third-party collection agencies hired by a creditor to attempt to collect a debt. Sleepless nights, arguments in the household can all be consequences of being in debt.
    It helps to know what the rules are regarding debt collection agencies as they can vary from province to province. Businesses don’t need to be licensed to collect debt, but both businesses and collection agencies must follow similar rules when they contact you to collect debt.

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