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Column: A Big Stick

-by Francene Gillis

    “I can’t. Don’t make me!”
    The words are yelled, terror behind them. The two adults are about to step on a swing bridge far above a canyon and one suffers with Acrophobia – irrational fear of heights, or Gephyrophobia – fear of bridges.
    “Agggh. A spider, big as a bee. Hurry. Kill it.”
    Arachnophobia is one of the most common phobias, as is acrophobia; and such fears can cripple so severely that some even stay house bound – a phobia known as Agoraphobia. And we are still dealing with the first letter of the alphabet. Fears can consume. Rather than using the formal names, I straight up fear the dark, dogs, thunder/lightning, abandonment, and speeding.
    Apparently, I am not alone. There are 100 phobias plus, with some of them seemingly more foolish than others, although perhaps all fears are foolish. I wonder what brave soul would be so bold as to sift one from another; for the person with the phobia, the fear is extreme and real. Some sillier ones are Alektorophobia – fear of chickens, and Koumpounophobia – fear of buttons. Actually, it is hilarious when you read through the list; who came up with these names? They are as bizarre as the phobias themselves. Enough said.

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Letter: GNSFC position in response to the letter by Inverness County Council (In support of a Boat Harbour extension)

Dear Editor:

    Please allow me to comment on the letter sent by the Municipality of the County of Inverness supporting the request for an extension to Boat Harbour (post 2020).
    The Gulf Nova Scotia Fishermen’s Coalition (GNSFC) is an Accredited Fishermen’s Association, which is legally recognized by the province of Nova Scotia. We represent our membership on various issues affecting them. Pictou Landing First Nations has been a member for a number of years.
    We believe that the council members are decent people and we realize that as human beings we all make mistakes. Within this context here are our reflections on this letter.
    The council writes “We strongly support the enforcement of environmental regulations in our province.” The province has legislation which makes it very clear that 2020 is the deadline to cleanup Boat Harbour. Should this not be enforced? How could anyone come to a conclusion that pumping these dangerous chemicals for another year is environmentally compatible? I visited and walked on their beach, which they can no longer use. The fishing activities which took place in Boat Harbour have all vanished.
    It was mentioned by the warden that she had talked to fishermen on this subject. Could she advise us who she talked to? Why did the council fail to have a conversation with the two major Multispecies Fishermen’s Association from Inverness County?

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