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Letter: Historical Hike

November 25, 2020

Dear Editor,
    Les Hikers Club decided to celebrate Acadian Day to host an historical hike on the first road connecting Cheticamp to Pleasant Bay. A much-expanded version was scheduled to happen on August 15th, 2020, but this was delayed because of the coronavirus (COVID-19).
    This past Saturday (November 21st, 2020), we held part one of this event. We started at the Skyline and hiked through the forest following the first road built by our descendants to what is known as Blueberry Mountain, Cap Rouge, and then we hiked down to the Cap Rouge look off.
    We were very pleased to have 25 participants with us and be able to share our knowledge of the area. This path was the same path that was used (by foot) to carry the mail between the two villages.
    The event was followed by a meal at the Gabriel restaurant.
    Les Hikers would like to thank Canadian Heritage and MP Mike Kelloway for their support of this event. We would also like to thank La Societé Saint-Pierre (Lisette Bourgeois) for supplying some of the giveaways (four books on the subject of the Acadians and several Acadian flags).
    It was a day to be remembered by all that took part in the event.
Leonard LeBlanc
President of Les Hikers Club















































Column: Every pose in the spectrum

November 25, 2020

- Frank Macdonald

    There is a recurring condition in my life from which I frequently break free. It is a rooted-in-truth cliche that good habits are easy to break. It’s the bad habits that encourage me to go about my life recklessly.
    Then that recklessness slows me down by gathering unto itself too many pounds or too much cholesterol or attains a state of dangerous unfitness. One or the other, or all of the above usually brings me back to that earlier referred to recurring condition called yoga.
    Yoga is a form of exorcism in which the practitioner attempts to undo what he has done to himself. It is easy, until it isn’t. The first yoga exercise I was introduced to many years ago was called the dead man.

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