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Letter: Absurdity is the ecstasy of science

Dear Editor:

    My love for The Inverness Oran has absolutely no limit. Honestly, one never knows what to expect from the lively discussions, and of course from those who like a good rebuttal in seven days. (I’m reminded of an event in my only English class in university when the professor quoted “To be or not to be, that is the question,” to which a torturous individual raised his hand, attacked Bill Shakespeare and said “that’s not really a question!”) But I digress.

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Column: Coming soon to a Christmas stocking near you

-by Frank Macdonald

    Mom, better make that two turkeys this Christmas!
    Canada is still going through the birthing throes brought on by the legalization of cannabis earlier this year. Supply seems to be an issue. And there have been news reports that the legal trade in marijuana hasn't much damaged the illegal competition. But it is early days yet, and there are myriad forms of the recreational/medicinal drug that are on their way to an outlet somewhere near you.
    The cannabis industry, according to news reports, expects to get edibles on the shelves before Christmas, a game changer for sure.

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