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District # 1 Councillor Alfred Poirier calls it quits

District #1 Councillor Alfred Poirier

October 13, 2021

-by Rankin MacDonald
    Even before he became a councillor for the Municipality of the County of Inverness, he fought for the issue that defined the northern portion of Inverness County.
    It was a big surprise for most when Councillor Alfred Poirier announced at the regular county council meeting on Thursday of last week that he will be retiring as a councillor effective December 31st, 2021.
    “I am proud of the work I have accomplished in the past nine years,” said Poirier. “I fought for projects like the new library opening soon in Chéticamp, improved emergency services in Pleasant Bay and Meat Cove, and the expansion of the Foyer Pere Fiset, among many others.”
    Councillor Poirier was first elected in 2012 as the representative for District #1, which covers the areas of Chéticamp, Pleasant Bay, and Meat Cove. Mr. Poirier also served as the deputy warden from 2016 to 2020. “After much discussion with my family, I believe it’s time for me to retire,” he said.
    He pointed to his age, his health, the wishes of his family and running a family business in a bilingual community as factors in his decision to take it a little easier.
    Poirier leaves after accomplishing many of the objectives he set for himself during his last campaign.
    “I liked you all,” he added. “I never did anything behind your back.”
    With tears in his eyes he said, “My wife was there behind me on every step of the way.”
    “I was dedicated to my community,” he said.
    Warden Laurie Cranton said via Zoom that Poirier encouraged him to run for council when it was just a notion with him and pointed out that there were few who fought so hard on behalf of the Acadian community.
    It was during his time that the municipality included French in its dealings with the public.
    “We all have to think about where our lives are going and I’m sure Alfred will remain active,” Cranton said.
    “Councillor Poirier has worked tirelessly in service of his community for nine years, not to mention his dedication to his volunteer work and his family,” said Cranton. “Municipal council and staff wish him all the best in his retirement.”
    A special election will be called for District #1, with additional details to follow.








































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