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Whycocomagh couple has county’s first New Year’s baby

Baby Jasmine, her big brother, Jeremy, and mom and dad, Alicia MacIsaac and Jeremy Thompson at St. Martha’s Regional Hospital in Antigonish.

-by April MacDonald

    Baby Jasmine was in a big hurry to meet Mom, Dad, and her big brother.
    On January 2nd, at 12:51 a.m., Alicia MacIsaac and Jeremy Thompson welcomed their second child into the world.
     Jasmine Anne Thompson was delivered in Antigonish, at St. Martha’s Regional Hospital, by Dr. Marlene Fuhrmann. She weighed 6 lbs, 4 oz. and was 51 cm long.
    It’s never easy for moms and dads living in Inverness County, who are expecting a baby, as they know, that once baby starts to make a move, they have a one- or two-hour drive ahead of them to get to the closest obstetrics hospital. And try that drive in the dead of winter.
    That’s how it played out for Alicia and Jeremy.
    Readers may recall the weather of the first days of 2019. Snow, blowing snow, snow squalls, and terrible road conditions. And there’s always one big variable ahead of you: the Canso Causeway.
    At 10:30 p.m., on January 1st, Alicia’s water broke. She and her partner had to quickly drop off their son, Jeremy, with his grandfather before making the trek to Antigonish.

    “I was having contractions off and on a couple of days beforehand,” said Alicia. “But I thought that it just could be false labour,” she added.
    She said that when they started heading for Antigonish, the roads were terrible and it was snowing heavily and there were extremely high winds.
    Her partner, Jeremy was behind the wheel.
    “Luckily, he keeps a cool head in these kinds of situations,” said Alicia.
    On a calm, clear day, it takes about an hour and fifteen minutes to get from Whycocomagh to Antigonish. But on this day, it was storming.
    “We were going as fast as we could,” she said.
    “When we got to the causeway, I nearly had a heart attack,” said Alicia.
    She looked ahead and saw the big sign with orange letters saying “CAUSEWAY CLOSED.”
    Visibility was so poor that it took them getting closer to read that the rest of the sign said, “TO HIGH-SIDED VEHICLES.”
    They breathed a sigh of relief.
    By the time they reached the hospital, that baby was ready for her big debut.
    “I still had my sweater on when I delivered,” laughed Alicia.
    Delivery was smooth and there were absolutely no problems. She delivered a beautiful and healthy baby girl and their family grew to a family of four.
    “We were so excited to meet her,” she added.
    “I was thankful that everything went so well and that the causeway wasn’t closed,” said Alicia.
    Alicia MacIsaac is originally from Whycocomagh and works in Baddeck, but will now be enjoying maternity leave at home.
    Also welcoming the newest bundle of joy are proud grandparents Gordon and Bonnie Ward.
    An Inverness County baby was the first to be born at St. Martha’s Regional Hospital in Antigonish for 2019.
    The Oran wishes the family all the best and welcomes its newest citizen with open arms.




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