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Strait of Canso Superport CEO opposes Chapter 18 Amendment

CEO Tim Gilfoy

-by John Gillis
    The CEO of the Strait of Canso Superport has written Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil outlining his objections to the Act to Amend Chapter 18 of the Municipal Government Act.
    Strait Superport CEO Tim Gilfoy wrote the letter on March 14th, adding his voice to the chorus of discontent in the Strait region most recently expressed by Strait Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Amanda Mombourquette, and the Nova Scotia Chambers of Commerce.
    In his letter, Gilfoy states, “this proposed amendment creates an uneven playing field with respect to attracting industrial projects to the Province of Nova Scotia.  It has particular implications for the Strait of Canso Port.”
    The Strait of Canso Port is the largest tonnage port in the Province of Nova Scotia.
    “It is also a port that has garnered a lot of interest by major industrial clients interested in capitalizing on international trade opportunities.  While advancing their projects, these industrial clients have purchased land at fair market value and accepted the fact that they will have to pay their fair share of taxes.”
    Gilfoy goes on to say that to change the Act to favour the Cape Breton Regional Municipality would be unfair.
    “We urge you to undertake broad public consultation on this matter before amending the Municipal Government Act and placing the Strait of Canso Port at a competitive disadvantage,” Gilfoy concluded.
    Port Hawkesbury Mayor Brenda Chisholm-Beaton told councillors and those in the gallery at the regular April monthly public meeting that she had to re-draft a letter she had been working on in support of Gilfoy’s letter because the Province of Nova Scotia has already passed third reading with the Amendment to Chapter 18.
    At the public question period following council, a Strait area resident asked the mayor and councillors why they weren’t more proactive on this issue sooner.
    “This industry would save Mulgrave and I didn’t see any support against the amendment from elected officials,” the gentleman added.
    Mayor Brenda Chisholm-Beaton noted that she will still send her letter objecting to the changes to the Province of Nova Scotia and she said it is an issue that should be a consideration for the Strait Area Mayors and Wardens Committee.
    “It’s unfortunate we couldn’t have had a letter sent to the premier before it reached third reading,” said councillor Trevor Boudreau.





























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