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Pleasant Bay School hosts a Virtual Blue Nose Marathon

Ashley Crowley and her students worked hard to get to this moment. They began training earlier this year in the basement of the school. When the warmer weather came they moved their training outside. With help from the Blue Nose Marathon organization they had bibs and official medals for everyone who crossed the finish line. Centre of the photo is teacher Ashley Crowley.

-by April MacDonald

    Last Friday, 110 students from the some of the most remote schools in this province took part in the annual Blue Nose Marathon.
    What’s more interesting is that they ran the race in Pleasant Bay.
    Pleasant Bay is the Strait Regional Centre for Education’s smallest school with just eight students and one teacher.  
    Ashley Crowley is the teacher of the one-room Pleasant Bay school and it was her idea to train, prepare, and then to sign up her students (and invite others) to join in a Virtual Run of the Blue Nose Marathon, which takes place annually in Halifax.
    “Running is something we can do here at Pleasant Bay School,” explained Crowley, stating that their school does not have a gymnasium, just a classroom and a basement for limited recreational and fitness activities.
    Crowley got the school involved in the Kids Run Club; a free, school-based running program created by Doctors Nova Scotia.
    In the winter, she taped four lines on the floor of the basement to make lanes so the children could run back and forth and count their “laps”. Now, with the warmer weather they run outside.
    “Sixty-four students came from North Highlands Elementary; they would be students from Ingonish and Neil’s Harbour, and the rest came from Cape Breton Highlands [Education Centre],” said Crowley.
    “They all came to Pleasant Bay and we even shut down a street with the help from the RCMP and the Pleasant Bay Volunteer Fire Department (PBFD),” added Crowley.

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Seniors needs assessed and met in SASSY Seniors pilot program

Deborah Maclaren

-by John Gillis

    A research and health and wellness pilot program called Sassy Seniors wrapped up last week at the YMCA in Port Hawkesbury.
    The program offered a number of outcomes for seniors in the area who participated in the program including:
– Participants who reported improved fitness (strength, mobility, flexibility, cardiovascular).
– Increased senior registration in other fitness or social activity programs.
– Reported improved knowledge or other community health services.
– Reported less social isolation with report of making at least one new friend or acquaintance they can call or meet with.
– Volunteer youth got experience serving food, conducting surveys, and social contact.
– YMCA achieved recognition for “senior-friendly” organization and built upon knowledge gained to offer further senior programming.
    There were 76 females and nine males who participated in the program. The seniors were predominantly from Port Hawkesbury (46 participants), but some came from as far away as Havre Boucher, Whiteside, and Judique.

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