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Skye Glen Creamery shows off their vintage-inspired glass bottles

April 14, 2021

-by April MacDonald

    Locals are already in love with the Skye Glen Creamery – Cape Breton’s only dairy processor – and now there is a new reason to swoon.
    Their glass bottles are here.
    “We are in love with how these bottles have turned out! We love their vintage inspired style; also, milk tastes better in a glass bottle!”
     Not to mention they are recyclable and returnable.
    When you purchase their milk, there is a refundable deposit on the bottle, which you will get back upon return of washed empty bottle.
    Off the start, their milk will be available as whole, non-homogenized, Jersey milk, and skim milk. 
    Non-homogenized means it will separate, and the cream will rise to the top, which they say is perfect for morning coffee before someone else shakes it up for their cereal.
    It’s also perfect for those who make cheese at home.
    “Even though it’s pasteurized, the protein isn’t broken down – giving you the opportunity for a higher cheese yield than the homogenized milk will give you.”

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