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Barking up the right tree: Cheticamp woman sees the need for a dog park in the area


May 5, 2021

-by April MacDonald

    Sophie Larade was born and raised in Cheticamp and returned last year to do online schooling due to COVID-19.
    She got herself a dog in March, but quickly realized that there were basically no designated off-leash areas in Cheticamp for dogs to run freely and safely.
    “I got talking with other dog owners and they have expressed the same concerns, so that’s when I posted the first poll in Community Bulletin to see if there would be interest for a dog park in Cheticamp,” explained Larade.
    She said the responses she has received from the public were overwhelmingly positive.
    “We got an overwhelming response of over 160 votes for having a dog park in town, with only five votes for no,” said Larade.
    She then created a small survey to see what the “doggy demographic” is in Cheticamp and what people would like to see in a dog park.
    “Within four hours of posting the survey, I received over 80 responses. Seventy-five per cent of small breed owners said that they would like a designated area for their smaller dogs to run safely, away from large breed dogs,” she explained.

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