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Elevate Inverness: The Inverness Women’s Group takes village to new heights

Peter MacInnis, Jesse Ryan, and Neil MacQuarrie

August 4, 2021

-by April MacDonald

    Buckle your seatbelts as we begin our ascent.
    It’s been a while for many of us since we’ve heard that lovely phrase spoken by a friendly flight attendant. But we heard it loud and clear from dedicated community members, volunteers, and members of The Inverness Women’s Group who took to the streets this weekend to Elevate Inverness.
    The group held a “Walk n’ Roll” outdoor event – in partnership with our municipality and Develop Nova Scotia.
    It was a day of community members returning to a state of togetherness; a feeling and sentiment that we all so dearly missed as we’ve navigated our way though these unprecedented times. 
    They called it a day of community adventure, music, and brainstorming. There was a family-friendly scavenger hunt, a slip and slide, live music at the Ceilidh Trail Park, food trucks galore, and a rocking beach party that saw the Brennan brothers and Beech Hill close the event the best way they know how.

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