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World renowned photographer Robert Frank passes in Mabou

Left to right: Robert Frank, Archie Rankin, and son, Reggie Rankin, Mabou, 2001. Photograph taken by a friend of Robert’s.

Remembering Robert Frank (1924-2019)
-by John Gillis

    World renowned photographer and film maker Robert Frank passed away last week in Inverness County where he made his home on a seasonal basis since 1969.
    Despite being considered a recluse by some, Frank made many friends in Cape Breton in his half-century here.
    Frank was already a legend in photography circles and was recognized as a pioneer in the burgeoning American independent film community before moving to Cape Breton.
    He taught some of the first workshops in film making at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax at the invitation of then-president Garry Neil Kennedy.
    Frank made many short films in Cape Breton, and a feature film, Candy Mountain (1987), co-directed with Rudy Wurlitzer, was partially shot on locations in Mabou and Glace Bay as well as in New York City.

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