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MacMillan talks about origins of Woodland Revival

Composer/guitarist Scott Macmillan

-by John Gillis

    Scott Macmillan recalls the last time Sister Margaret MacDonnell played a big role in one of his creative projects.
    “It was back in 1991 and I don’t think our Celtic Mass for the Sea would have happened without her.
    Now 97, the good friend of Scott and his wife Jennyfer Brickenden has come to play a prominent role in the inspiration for his latest composition and project, Woodland Revival, which will soon see its world premiere at The Inverness County Centre for the Arts in Inverness on Saturday, October 5th.
    Macmillan told The Oran this week that Sr. MacDonnell, now living in Sydney, challenged MacMillan and Brickenden to create a piece of music for the trees.
    MacDonnell said she was concerned about the state and health of our forests here in Nova Scotia – a fact not surprising given one of her first doctoral papers at Harvard University was on the topic of the Sacred Trees of Ireland.

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