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Launching of book Cap Rouge - Former Hamlet of Chéticamp

Gathered for the official release of the book Cap-Rouge: Former Hamlet of Chéticamp were (left to right): Napoléon Chiasson, president of La Société Saint-Pierre; Kelly Deveaux, acting superintendent for Cape Breton Highlands National Park; Ginette Chiasson, researcher and author of Cap-Rouge: Former Hamlet of Chéticamp; Blair Pardy, Cape Breton Field Unit superintendent; and Lisette Bourgeois, executive director of La Société Saint-Pierre.

-by Rosie Aucoin-Grace

    Many gathered on Wednesday, November 6th, in support of a very special endeavour. It was the official release of the new publication, Cap Rouge: Ancien hameau de Chéticamp – Former Hamlet of Chéticamp. Fittingly, the launching took place at the Chéticamp Visitor Centre at Cape Breton Highlands National Park.
    The book is dedicated to the memory of Les Cap-Rougiens Acadians settled at Cap-Rouge and whose lands were expropriated in 1936 to create the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. This was a project of La Société Saint-Pierre in partnership with Parks Canada. It is a story which takes us back between 1864-1936, about a vibrant Acadian community which existed in what is known today as Cape Breton Highlands National Park. It invites the readers to take a little stroll in Cap-Rouge and discover who were the residents, the little hamlets where they settled, and their way of life. The Cap-Rouge region followed the western coast of Cape Breton Island, about seven miles north of Chéticamp. It included La Bloque, Ruisseau des Maurice (Trout Brook), Rivière à Lazare (Corney Brook), and Ruisseau du Canadien.

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