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Learn encaustic painting from artist Patty Chapman

Artist Patty Chapman at work.

-by John Gillis

    Inverness County has a new artist living in the Margaree area that you will surely be hearing more about in the near future.
    Patty Chapman lived and worked in Barrie, Ontario, for most of her career, but recently moved to join her sister and father, who were already living in the Margaree area.
    Patty has been an artist her whole life, but spent much of her career until recently working as a nurse.
    In recent years, Patty had to come to grips with losing her husband Scott, the love of her life, to terminal cancer.
    “We had the opportunity to spend three and a half years together following his diagnosis before he passed. While that period was very difficult and devastating due to the grief, I have a lot of gratitude for the time and the conversations we had together. During that period, I began looking for something to do where I could continue to spend time with Scott and also have some pre-occupation from the grief. I was fortunate to discover encaustic painting, which is a form of painting with hot wax – essentially, using crayons.  It’s a type of painting that’s been happening in England for some 30 or more years, but I believe I am the first person that began doing it and teaching it in Canada,” Patty told The Oran this week.

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