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Rèis Mhàbu-Run Mabou participants soar to 120

Alexandra Beaton (right) goes through a warm-up routine with the 2km fun-runners during the Rèis Mhàbu event on Saturday.

October 13, 2021

-by Bill Dunphy
    By automobile standards, going from 20 to 120 in one year means you should start looking for a new car.
    But if you’re trying to establish an annual running event, then a 500 per cent increase in participants puts you in a Cadillac.
    That’s the success Rèis Mhàbu - Run Mabou enjoyed in just its second year on Saturday with close to 120 participants taking part in the 5km run, 5km walk, 10km run, and a 2km fun run.
    “As we were a young, growing race, we had some hiccups but certainly considered this event an overall success,” said organizer Shoneth MacInnis.
    “We had over 100 people kick off their Thanksgiving weekend by being active and being a part of a community. We really hope that this event becomes a new family tradition for many. It was only our second year and we grew from an event of 20-some runners in our first year to these numbers in large part because of the incredible volunteers and support we received from the local communities.
    “The feedback we have been receiving encourages us for next year’s event (mark your calendars for October 8, 2022!). We have much to be thankful for this weekend,” she said.
    MacInnis noted that the music, provided by Andrea and Betty Lou Beaton, the Kid’s Corner, and Beaton’s Delight were exceptional additions to the event.
    MacInnis also thanked the event’s many sponsors.
    “We partnered with the Municipality of the County of Inverness and we were sponsored in various ways by the Mabou River Trail Association, Beaton By Design, Raymond MacEachern Snow Removal, Ski Cape Smokey, Mabou Freshmart, Aerobics First, Beaton’s Delight Espresso, Breton Print, 101.5 The Hawk, East Coast Credit Union (Mabou Branch), Skye Glen Consulting, The Red Shoe Pub (Official), Colaisde na Gàidhlig / The Gaelic College, and Celtic Shores Coastal Trail.”
    The following are the results of the 5km and 10km running events:    
5km results

    1. Cullen MacInnis, 18:44; 2. Andrew Arbuckle, 19:18; 3. Crystal Garrett, 19:48; 4. John Robert, 19:54; 5. Giuliana Pallota, 20:00; 6. Ronan Austin, 21:43; 7. Dylan Mombourquette, 22:03; 8. Frances MacLeod, 22:19; 9. Nina Tubman, 23:36; 10. Erin Keefe, 23:54;
    11. Arie Schop, 24:10; 12. Edie Brenning, 24:14; 13. Isabel Calder, 25:44; 14. Buck Morris, 25:51; 15. Elsie Munro, 26:23; 16. Ainsley Nichols, 26:41; 17. Beth Tubman, 27:04; 18. Danielle Boutilier, 27:24; 19. Shannon MacLennan, 27:39; 20. Michael MacNeil, 27:40;
    21. Jessica Rankin, 27:51; 22. Coline MacEachern, 27:59; 23. Scott Mombourquette, 28:03; 24. Burns Anderson, 28:05; 25. Melanie Anderson, 28:06; 26. John MacInnis, 29:25;  27. Chantal Hawley, 30:07; 28. Megan MacLellan, 30:57; 29. Lauren Krszwda, 31:29; 30. LeeAnn Boudreau, 31:30;
    31. Sonya Spencer, 32:19; 32. Trish MacDonald, 32:27; 33. Daniel MacDonell, 32:28; 34. Candice Paul, 33:06; 35. Wanda Chandler, 37:18; 36. Stacey Blackburn, 43:44; 37. Melissa Thompson, 44:38; 38. Grace Mombourquette, 58:40.

10km Results

    1. Matt Swinkels, 40:16; 2. Patrick Austin, 44:05; 3. Slaven Tizic, 44:23; 4. Peter MacInnis, 47:55; 5. Brenna MacInnis, 48:41; 6. Madeline Ferguson; 48:58; 7. Kaitlyn Peckham, 49:34; 8. Riley Beaton, 51:19; 9. Ian McDiarmid, 53:37; 10. Nicola Kuhn, 54:29;
    11. Bryanne MacNeil, 55:35; 12. Hugh Leadbetter, 57:21; 13. Crystal Graham, 58:04; 14. Allison Melski, 1:00:09; 15. Kevin Petitpas, 1:00:31; 16. Kelly Glabais-Cummings, 1:01:38; 17. Eddie Cummings, 1:01:38; 18. Renee Valiente, 1:20:16.

2km Fun Run

    The following are the fun run participants in no particular order as the event was about participation and was not timed:
    Fiona Austin, Angus McDiarmid, Isla McDiarmid, Freya MacLean, Colin MacLean, Piper MacLean, Sadie MacDonald, Angus Finlay MacDonald, Ben Swinkels, Francis Peckham, Lachlan Campbell, Lennox MacInnis, Maggie Anne Leadbetter, Eilidh Leadbetter, Emmett MacLean, Ben Spencer, Jake MacLellan, Violet MacLennan, Ally Poirier, Taylor Poirier, Nathan Swinkels, Alex Dan MacDonnell, Lochlan Graham, Cassie MacDonald, Myra MacDonnell, Benjamin Brinson, Joseph Brinson, Finlay Beaton.

































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