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Natasha Prosper of We’koqma’q finds a passion in archery

Archer Natasha Prosper is the 27-year-old daughter of John and Phyllis Prosper of We’koqma’q. She’s been competing on regional and national level now for some time with mounting success. (Contributed photo)

-by John Gillis

    We’koqma’q First Nation is home to one of Canada’s rising stars in the world of archery.
    The Oran contacted archer Natalie Prosper this week to ask her to provide a biography of herself and to share with our readers how she developed an interest in the sport.
    Natasha Prosper is the 27-year-old daughter of John and Phyllis Prosper of We’koqma’q.
    “I have four older brothers and two older sisters. I graduated from high school here in We’koqma’q in 2010. I did my post-secondary studies at Nova Scotia Community College (Business Administration Diploma) in Accounting in 2012.  Following that, I attended Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, where I obtained a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 2014,” she stated.
    Prosper currently works in the Band Office in We’koqma’q in the Finance Department.
    It’s a nine to five position, which can be demanding, so Prosper was keen to find a way to unwind from her job when time and opportunity allowed.
    She first became aware of the sport of archery when her older brother, sister, and nephew began learning a little about it while she was growing up, but it wasn’t until she began attending Saint Mary’s University that she began to take her own personal interest in the sport.
    “I started into it myself at Saint Mary’s, but I was mentored by family along the way. My older brother, Dan Prosper, is still competing and last year he won Mi’kmaq Coach of the Year award from Sport Nova Scotia. I owe a lot of my recent success to my brother Dan,” Natasha added.
    Due to her work schedule, her practice times may vary each week, but Natasha says she tries to get out to practice when she can or on weekends.
    Prosper says she is now competing in the Known 50 Class - Women.  It comprises women archers between the ages of 19 - 49.
    She competed in the Atlantics competition in August 2018 and won a bronze medal there. She’s also competed in the outdoor Atlantics in July 2019 in the same category, where she took home a gold medal.
    “I got a silver for Atlantics Indoor in April 2019 and won Gold in Triple Crown in July 2019 competing against fellow archers across Atlantic Canada. I just missed out on competing in the Nationals in Saskatchewan this week. I just couldn’t make it there. The Nationals are slated for Prince Edward Island in 2020 and I hope to make it there to compete,” she added.
    Another event that Prosper is looking forward to competing in is the upcoming Mi’kmaq Summer Games, which are to be held in We’koqma’q this year from August 18th to 25th, 2019. Prosper has taken home a gold from these games in 2018 and a silver in 2017 as well.
    Prosper also hopes to compete in the Nationals, which are being held in P.E.I. in 2020. Prosper has to take on much of the costs of the sport herself, but at Provincial and National competition levels she does obtain some assistance from the We’koqma’q Band Council.
    For Prosper, her love of archery obviously goes beyond her drive and competitive spirit.
    “I really enjoy archery. I find it relaxing and it helps me enjoy getting out to socializing. It’s become a part of my life and I expect it will for some time into the future. There’s not so many people into the sport back home here in We’koqma’q but I’m getting to know a lot more people on the competition circuit. As for the future I could see myself getting more involved in the sport, perhaps in mentoring youth in the sport and coaching,” Natasha concluded.





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