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Local autism advocate appears on CBC special

-by John Gillis

    The synopsis of CBC’s You Can’t Ask That is “each episode asks a group of people with the same disability the awkward, inappropriate, or uncomfortable questions you are too afraid to ask. It’s an audacious, touching, and funny series that is guaranteed to challenge everyone’s assumptions about life with a disability.”
    After being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in June 2018, Taylor Linloff of Port Hawkesbury came across a casting call online for the show and auditioned via email and Facetime video call.

    She learned there was an autism specific episode.
    “We recorded the series in Montreal in November 2018, and it was an amazing experience. I was able to speak my truth for the first time after thinking I was broken and weird my entire life, and I learned more about myself in just that half hour of recording,” Taylor told The Oran this week.
    The link to watch online is (Autism episode 4).
    “My now late father, Conrad Linloff, is talked about by me in the episode,” Taylor told The Oran Tuesday. Conrad sadly passed away last Sunday and she is dedicating her episode to him.
    “I ask readers to consider donating to Cathy’s Place at St. Martha’s Regional Hospital to help fund gas cards for cancer patients and their families in remembrance. They helped us greatly, as he was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer only weeks before I recorded the episode. If I have this platform now, I want to use it for good outside of autism awareness,” Linloff concluded.




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