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CBHA play Back To The 80s

Jana MacKinnon, Olivia Hart and Sophie Blondin  (Cindy O’Neill photos).

    Cape Breton Highlands Academy held a totally awesome musical last week called Back To The 80s.
    Written by Neil Gooding with additional material from Stuart Smith the play was presented on April 3rd and 4th.
    The play opened with Act One, circa 1988 at CBHA, with the graduating class embarking on a year of self-discovery and musical fun.  You got to witness student council elections, basketball, cheerleading, and much more while getting to know the class of ‘88.
    In Act Two, the year passes quickly as the students discover more about themselves than some had bargained for.  Who attended the prom with whom, who got a car, what was up with teachers, students?
    The musical was directed by Avery LeLievre and Andrew Clarey, with assistance from Maya Ghattas and musical arrangement from Lawrence Cameron.
    Cameron (keyboard), Peter Goosens (keyboard), Kiera Doyle (guitar), and Mark Poirier (bass) made up the band.
    The cast:  Andrew Clarey played Cory Palmer Sr.; Adam MacNeil played Corey Palmer Jr.; Isaac Clarey played Alf Bueller; Maya Ghattas played Kirk Keaton; Tessie Doyle played Tiffany Houston; Darcie LeFort played Cindy Gibson; Bailey Andrews played Mel Easton; Jessie MacKinnon played Kim Easton; Alex Conrad played Steven Cocker; Rebecca Phillips played Sheena Brannigan; Broderick Murphy played Michael Feldman; Kali Chiasson played Billy Arnold; Lynn MacKinnon played Lionel Astley; Elon Phillips played Huey Jackson; Garrett MacKinnon played Lewis Jackson; Julia Curley played Fergal McFerrin; Olivia Hart played Eileen Reagan; Jana MacKinnon played Laura Wilde; Sophie Blondin played Debbie Fox; Nicholas Roach played Pete Jones; Zoe Collasius played Jen O’Conner; Will Ross played Mr. Miyagi.
    The crew: Becca Clark was stage management; Hunter Courtemance was stage hand; Leah Burns was stagehand; Noah Doucette was stage hand; Jakob Deveau was stage hand; Dale Conrad and Campbell Hart handled lights, sound and technical; Derin Demiray was prompter; Darcie LeFort and Rebecca Phillips handled set and prop design; Ethna Gillis handled promotion.
    Special thanks were given to Trina Clarey, Barbara MacKinnon, Carolyn MacDonald, Kelly Doucet, Jamie Parsons, Pricilla LeBlanc, and Wilfredine Crowdis.








































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