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Tails of the Light Exhibit opens at J. Franklin Wright Gallery

Tails of the Light exhibit opened on February 20th at the J. Franklin Wright Gallery at the Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre.

February 24, 2021

    The Kris Tynski Tails of the Light Exhibit opened February 20th at the J. Franklin Wright Gallery. Born and raised in Cape Breton, Kris Tynski developed a strong admiration for the outdoors. His lens captures the wildlife, seascapes, and landscapes of the island, focussing on the wildlife that inhabit Cape Breton.
    “I have always had a connection with the great outdoors since a very young age, hunting, fishing, and foraging for wild mushrooms and berries in the forests and meadows. Our island, Cape Breton, offers some of the best photographic opportunities in the world. Surrounded by rugged coastline, rolling hills, and mountains, and the inland sea – the Bras d’Or Lake – we are fortunate to have an abundance of wildlife that encounters four very distance seasons.”
    Kris resides with his wife Laurie in Beechmont, Cape Breton, with their border collie Ryker, and cats Foxy and Brooks.














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