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Annual inFlux Festival: Woodland Revival moves, motivates, and inspires

The Blue Engine String Quartet comprised of Jennifer Jones, Celeste Jankowski, Alexandra Bates, and Hillary Brown.

-by John Gillis

    “Woodland Revival is a piece of music that is a manifesto for this moment in time. It speaks the truth of what we have lost, yet also shows us what we still have: our music, our vibrancy, our joy, our love, and our energy to keep going as one world.”  – Johanna Padelt.

    It was a weekend unlike any other at the Inverness County Centre for the Arts as the annual inFlux Festival of the Inverness County Centre for the Arts featured the world premiere of Scott Macmillan’s Woodland Revival.
    Gratitude and wonder were so evident as art and music was shown to do what it does best - to move us, to motivate us, and to inspire.
    As the centre of the event-filled weekend, Woodland Revival brought an eclectic array of world and local musicians together on stage to share a happening and musical vision to inspire forest diversity and revival.

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