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We Fought for Ardnish - Scottish talk/book launch in Judique on July 23rd

Angus MacDonald will be at the Judique Community Centre on July 23rd, 7:00 pm

-by Jo-Anne MacDonald

    The view from Scottish novelist Angus MacDonald’s home in the western Highlands is of a windswept mountainous strip of land jutting into the sea.
    More than a century ago, dozens of families with names like Gillies, MacDonald, and MacQueen lived in thatched-roofed crofts on the Ardnish peninsula, near Arisaig.
    Now a single building remains. Without power, Laggan is a rustic cottage for visitors who want to experience a bygone era.
    The families of Ardnish have long since gone, part of a wave of emigration that started with the Clearances and was pushed along by poverty. They resettled in the industrial cities of Scotland and across the water in Canada and Australia.

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