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Column: Dirt Road Rant: Internet pioneers and artists call for support of net neutrality

-by John Gillis

    When the scientists, thinkers, and engineers who developed the internet and the World Wide Web tell the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) it is doing something wrong, it’s time people stand up and listen.  And when the artists agree with them, it’s time people stand up and listen.
    On December 14th , the FCC voted to gut net neutrality protections in the United States and most people believe this decision will have an impact in other countries as well.
    Over the past couple of months there’s been quite a bit of coverage in the media about net neutrality but it isn’t always clear to everyone what it is.
    Here’s Sir Tim Berners-Lee, a professor at MIT and inventor of the World Wide Web:

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Letter: World-class but not exclusive

Dear editor,

    Cape Breton, all of Nova Scotia, has been very welcoming to Ben Cowan-Dewar, co-owner of Cabot golf courses. Forget Cead Mile Failte, we, the people of Nova Scotia, have given him well over eight million welcomes in the form of interest free loans, and land adjacent to beautiful Inverness beach. But that isn’t enough. Now Cowan-Dewar wants provincial park land. Mr. Cowan-Dewar and former premier Rodney MacDonald have been in discussions with staff at DNR to develop an 18-hole golf course at West Mabou Beach Provincial Park.

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