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Dalbrae’s Rock of Ages ready to hit the stage

Keigan MacLennan will play a lead role as guitarist in Dalbrae Academy’s presentation of Rock of Ages.

  -by Brad Chandler

    After months of preparation, the students of Dalbrae Academy are finally ready to perform in front of an anticipated full house tonight (Wednesday) and Thursday at Strathspey Place when they show this year’s musical, Rock of Ages.
    Students from grades nine through 12 have been perfecting their roles for the past number of months, all in hope to create the best characters, singers, and all around performers possible.
    Grade 11 student Keigan MacLennan plays a very significant role in this year’s musical, but not like many others. Keigan is the lead guitarist in the musical band, alongside fellow musicians who provide the soundtrack to the 1980s classic rock set list.
    MacLennan shared an in-depth look as to how the musical comes together from the band’s point of view. He spoke of how the band and the stage actors worked separately for the past two months, but have just started melding both the dialogue and music together this past week. MacLennan touched on the band’s minimum knowledge of the actors’ roles, dialogue, and plot due to the two parties working individually.
    “I think it’s pretty fun, because you don’t know what’s coming up, it’s always a surprise with every song. It’s interesting not knowing beforehand how the songs fit into the story.”

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