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Laughing at the seams with comedians of Musical Production – Cabanés

Lots of action on stage during the musical production Cabanés in Chéticamp. With the comical likes of actor Ryan Doucette and the other cast members, one is sure to be laughing at the seams.  Photo by: Michel Soucy.

-by Rosie Aucoin-Grace

    Summer time has arrived offering residents of our county and visitors, beach weather, spectacular sunsets, warm nights for star gazing, and so much more. For those who have been waiting in anticipation for Le Conseil des arts de Chéticamp productions to start, they certainly were not disappointed with their second musical production of the season.  The show Cabanés aired every evening from July 12th – July 15th and it was a hit!
    This play was written by the very talented comedians, no stranger to the stage and to Chéticamp, Ryan Doucette and Alexandre Poirier.
    Doucette who stems from Clare, Nova Scotia, began his career touring his solo mime show Ryan Doucette: Premiere ronde. His English theatre debut was in Vimy at Eastern Front Theatre in 2008. He met with some acclaim for his performance in the original stage production of Thom Fitzgerald's Cloudburst in his native Nova Scotia, and was subsequently cast in the film version starring opposite Academy Award winners Olympia Dukakis and Brenda Fricker. He subsequently starred in The Disappeared and appeared in Ron Maxwell's Copperhead. He appeared on stage again in Whale Riding Weather and His Greatness and had a recurring role on Forgive Me. He won the Merritt Award for his performance in His Greatness.
    Alexandre Poirier of Chéticamp has been involved in theatre for over a decade including acting/theatre studies in Toronto. Known for his outstanding performance in the production – Le Grand Cercle and numerous other theatrical roles. He recently created, Viewer Discretion Productions, a new multimedia and theatre company based in Cape Breton. Its first major production  – the original two-act play, Tough Call aired in June 2018.
    When you combine these two comedians and great friends, something crazy and amazing happens on stage. This script is about four young people who decide to rent a cabin in an isolated area in the woods for a weekend. They are there to enjoy camping, play some music and all of a sudden Simon arrives, scared out of his wits and saying that he is being chased by a gang of bikers. They soon realize that these bikers are Cabaret-style musicians and they all gather together and celebrate. Simon on the other hand is there for other serious reasons; to discover clues of the legend of Sylive Soucille. The caretaker of the cabin reassures Simon that the cabin is not haunted but he has his doubts.

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