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The Mill: An interview with NS author, Joan Baxter

-by John Gillis

    The Oran reached Nova Scotia author Joan Baxter last week at her home in Colchester County, within “smelling distance” of the Pictou pulp and paper mill that she writes about in her recent book, The Mill, Fifty Years of Pulp and Protest.
    A turning point in the decision to write the book was a conversation she had with Dave Gunning in preparation for writing an article.  Gunning and his brother Matt have been
researching the mill as part of the Clean The Mill Group, and known for their Facebook site of the same name.
    After that conversation more than a year ago, Baxter soon had more than 20 pages of notes and realized that there would have to be a book to tell the full story.
    “It was a far reaching issue and the more research I did, I realized it affected more people throughout the province and that the pulp industry has certainly affected and shaped the forests of Nova Scotia for more than half a century,” said Baxter.
    Baxter was quick to credit all the research groups over the years who were willing to hand over their files to her noting that she could never have done it all on her own.

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